How will I receive VISA for attending GIPEX?

Before you apply for Visa, please click here to see if you require it to enter Guyana. If any attendee(s) require Visa to enter Guyana, we will require following documents submitted to us and you will receive your Visa on your arrival.
1. Copy of your Passport.
2. Passport sized photograph.
3. Filled in Visa form.
Please send these details to

Is there any discounted rate for Local Companies? How can I avail this offer?

Yes, we are offering subsidised rates for indigenous Guyanese companies. For checking the rates, you need to click on announcement in the main page of the website. While you register, you will find an option to check before you submit your query.

I am not representing any Local indigenous Guyanese Company, will I still get some discounted rates?

There are no discounts on the rates you have received. This is only applicable to local indigenous Guyanese companies.

Will I get airline ticket discount for my visit to GIPEX?

Our team is in constant touch with the vendors for finalizing the contract. Once completed, you will be notified separately.

Will I get pick up from airport?

Yes, you need to share your arrival details prior your visit and we will arrange Shuttle pickup. Please be informed that taxi/cab services are easily and readily available at both airports that you can also use to get to hotel. For your return we will again provide Shuttle service from hotel.

Will I get any discounts on my hotel reservation?

Yes, you will have a discounted rate for your reservation at Marriott Hotels. On your request we can share the direct link to book accommodation.

Is GIPEX open to General public?

General Public can visit exhibition on third day between 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

What material will be provided by organizer's?

You will be provided with:
1. Table
2. Table cloth
3. Three Chairs
4. Bin
5. Power point connector

How can I request/order extra equipment/materials/local services?

If you have any extra requirement(s) such as Projector, Screen, Printing of material(s), etc that could be arranged locally, you need to inform us before it can be arranged for you. Please send your requirement(s) list to us at As soon as we have a perfect match for your requirement list, we will share contact information with you.

Will Pavilion area have any cooling facility?

Yes, Pavilion area will have air cooling/conditioning facility.

Will I get custom clearance for my materials?

Yes, we will get your materials custom cleared but you need to submit the list of the materials to us that you are bringing prior to your visit. You need to send this list to us at

Is lighting provided?

Yes, we will provide you lighting.

What is the size of the booth?

Booths are standard 3 meter X 2 meter sized, which means 3 panels at the back and 2 panels on the side bearing 1 meter width and 2.4 meter height dimensions.

My question is not in above list. I have some different/more questions.

You need to mark an email directly to

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